This once passé neckline is back and we love it again

This 'vintage' neckline will make you remember your Leaving Cert holiday but you'll want to revive it in 2019.

It was my prized 'piece' when I was a weekly nightclubber in 6th Year. Sure, I was supposed to be studying for the Leaving Cert but I was 18 and my parents had suddenly dropped their strictness. Preparing me for life, I guess. And look how well that turned out (you can make your own assumptions). Anyway, the top. The top that appeared in one outfit a month at least and practically all of them when I went on my Leaving Cert holiday to the South of France. It was from A-Wear (RIP), in a satin material, was tied at the back with a built-in scarf and it had a halter neck. Yes! This throwback neckline is back and the chicest of influencers are already wearing it.

The trend was seen on Halpern's AW19 runway last week, but its resurgence may be down to a certain royal. Remember Megan's divine second wedding dress?

This is one way fashionistas are wearing it in 2019.


Though I call them flattering, some ladies may disagree; they're traditionally a no-no for bigger busts. However, the style has evolved since what we remember in the late 2000s, and there's something to suit us all. Some styles can even accommodate a bra. Hallelujah!

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Topshop Fishtail Backless Maxi Dress by CLUB L 46

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