This €20 top will protect from sunburn and won't turn you into a human sauna

We've found a top - in the sales, no less - that will protect from sunburn - but you won't have to sacrifice safe skin with sweat

I got sunburned this weekend despite my very best efforts not too. I am one of those people who burn in an instant, and it's 100% stupid of me to let a sunray touch my delicate baby mouse pink skin. When will I learn that on sunny days, you don't actually have to sit in the sun? Shade is my saviour, but I avoid it like Vince Vaughan avoided Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers. The other solution is to cover up from head to toe, but finding clothes that protect from sunburn without turning you into a human sauna can be difficult.

If we lived in a country where warm weather was normal in summer, we wouldn't have this problem. Instead, we throw on the holiday clothes that exposes more skin than they cover. Even with Factor 50 on, sunburn happens. But summer clothes does not have to mean denim short shorts and a crop top. It can mean long swishy skirts. Tight clothes are worse in the sun; in fact, the looser the clothes, the better.

For the top of you, shirts are your best friend. They may seem restrictive, but they keep you cooler than a tight tank top, and they will protect from sunburn simply because they form a barrier between you and those blasted UV rays. Besides, it's what the French do.

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I found this cute shirt top in the River Island sale that is a summery shade and has the puffy sleeves of the season. It's a work piece, a brunch piece and a going-out piece, and you can wear with jeans, blue or white.

river island top protect from sunburn

River Island €20

It's three-quarter length so don't forget to put sunscreen on your lower arms and hands, and don't neglect the chest and neck area, either.

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