Sandra Bullock's Minions Premiere Outfit Was Just The Best

Sandra Bullock is one of those ladies that we can't help but love. Ever since her Speed days (although actually let's delete Speed 2 from our memories) she's been one of our favourites, maybe because she has an air about her that says down-to-earth and normal.

Her shoes for the premiere of Minions pretty much confirm what we thought.



Yes, they are Minion shoes. Let's have a closer look.




Hee hee, oh Sandy.

She has a little boy so perhaps the shoes were for his benefit which is just adorable of her.

Her dress was pretty simple but it is saved from being shunned to boring territory because of the yellow embellishment and because of her Minion heels of course. Footwear has the power to elevate outfits. It's one thing anyone can use to elevate an outfit without going too far outside their comfort zone.

Sandra's makeup was simple and elegant. It's impossible to see her eye makeup (because of those fabulous shades) but her lip colour is fresh and flattering and the coat of gloss brought it into summer.


There were a number of well dressed peeps at the Minions premiere. We thought that Sandra's Minions co-star Allison Janney looked amazing. Also keeping with the Minions theme she chose a yellow gúna and a similar style lippy as it happens.


Do you have a pair of showstopping shoes? Have you ever worn something specifically to make your kids / nieces / nephews / younger brothers or sisters etc smile?

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