Wedding Wardrobe: One Dress, Two Weddings

A few weeks back we had a great chat about what to do when you have more than one wedding in a year. The ins and outs of having to get yourself kitted out can be rather costly. So continuing that, I've got the first of many solutions to help you sort out that 'two weddings, one dress' dilemma.

So let's start with the dress. I've chosen an all-encompassing dress to that you can chop and change to make it look nice and different. 

Dress, €69, Oasis Dress, €69, Oasis

I love this dress from Oasis for a few reasons. Firstly, it's a great shape. That subtle a-line is super flattering and the defined waist means you can keep your body in proportion. Yes it's a print, but it's not very pronounced. The black piping is a key factor that you can pick out with accessories and shoes. Right so, our first way to wear. 

Bag and shoes, both from Dune; Cardigan from kaliko at Debenhams and bracelet from Accessorize Bag and shoes, both from Dune; Cardigan from kaliko at Debenhams and bracelet from Accessorize

This is the simple way - play on the black detailing and stick with cover ups and shoes in black. Plus these are a great investment to match pretty much any outfit.

Gold and royal blue is such a lovely combination, so this simple gold bangle is a very pretty addition. So you see, fairly easy to put together and it's very chic and timeless. So you can hang onto this complete outfit for your 2016 nuptials. 

And now, let's change it up for wedding number two. 

Jacket, Monsoon; Fascinator, Accessorize; Shoes, Faith at Debenhams Jacket, Monsoon; Fascinator, Accessorize; Shoes, Faith at Debenhams

And now we switch to the lighter palette. This one might be my favourite thanks to it's dedication to the mega trend of the season which is white (although closely followed by taupe and it's friend beige).


I love a good head piece and Accessorize have lot's to choose from this year at very reasonable prices. I recommend getting one to match more than one outfit so that you get good use from it. Otherwise they tend to sit gathering dust in our closets. As I had mentioned before in my earlier wedding post, shoe choices are of paramount importance. Keep to a mid to kitten heel for comfort. Your toes will thank you. 

So how will you style your wedding outfits this year? Have you more than one? 

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