We've found a winter sweater that you will definitely wear at Christmas

Yes, I'm going there. This sweater is available now, snuck away in the middle of the shop website, but I want it for Christmas.

Christmas jumpers. They just have to happen, don't they? You can get one with all the works, or one that has a slogan instead of an image, like Prosec-Ho-Ho-Ho. Or you can get a cute little jumper that's Christmassy, but wintery at the same time. So it doesn't have a time-limit like it would if it had a big Santa splashed all over it.

If you happened to be following my Instagram stories yesterday, you would have seen the lovely little sweater from Nine by Savannah for Debenhams. It's cream with gold stars - a total 'Christmassy but not a Christmas jumper' jumper.

This one, buried away on the Oasis website, is similar.

oasis christmas sweater

Oasis €52

It's a sparkly robin! With a sprig of glittery holly! So cute.

And look, it contributes to the loveliest Christmas time brunch or lunch outfit. Good job, Oasis stylist.

oasis winter sweater

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