You will want to wear Pippa O'Connor's oversize autumn/winter outfit every day till spring

It's finally time to get rid out your cute tight jumpers - this autumn Pippa O'Connor and everyone else is going oversize

Back in the day, big jumpers were just something you wore in autumn and winter because why would you wear anything else? A tight sweater and low-rise tight pants maybe, if you were a style follower in 2003 - 2007. No coat if you wanted to show off your clubbing outfit from 2001 - 2011. Big jumpers and oversize jackets are obvious sartorial items for the colder months, but when they're out, they're out.

Fashion women didn't like anything oversized for years. The body-con movement meant everything had to be skintight. What was the point of the Atkin's diet if no one could see your bod? Now, we live in a healthy, clean-living, constant work-out world, so everyone knows that you're looking fine under that massive jumper. And, of course, it works for those of us who don't have the time / don't want to live clean or wake up before it's bright to go to the gym. In fact, it works even better!

Pippa O'Connor posted a pic on Instagram over the weekend of herself in oversized everything. (Except pants. Balance, people.) Her jumper and jacket are both from H&M - they have to be, it's a sponsored post - but who cares? Both pieces are gems.


Red jumpers are the best; there are absolutely heaps of them in H&M, but, they're elsewhere, too.

zara oversize jumper

Zara €39.95

Pippa's jacket is H&M, obvs, but the style is big this autumn, and you can also find a very similar one in Zara.

hm oversize biker

H&M €99.99

There are boundaries to this look. Just like how the All Saints wore parachute pants with tight vest-tops, you should wear your oversize tops with skinnier bottoms: jeans, leggings, or skirts and tights.

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