Brunch in Pictures: Booze, Chat and Goody Bag-tastic!

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Assuring Aphrodite that I'd be present and correct at Venu for 1.20pm, to place goody bags on seats and generally organise myself before the beaut.ies turned up at half-past, traffic conspired against me, and instead I landed in late, towing a multitude of bags. No matter - 22 perfectly made-up heads swiveled to greet me, and the party was already in full swing.

I handed out the pressies - each packed-to-the-brim goody bag contained products from faves Yes to Carrots, St Tropez, H2O+, Colet haircare, piles and piles of Rimmel and Miss Sporty makeup, Sally Hansen nail and leg goodies, fragrance from Kylie and Kate Moss as well as party season-staples from Compeed and lip and nail products courtesy of Boots' brands No7, 17 and Natural Collection. We had a bit of a raffle with prizes very kindly gifted from Clarins and Boots too, so no one went home with any spare hands, such was the beaut.ieful bounty on offer. Spoiled rotten? Oh you betcha, but we definitely think you're worth it.

We even had a photographer there to record the proceedings. Giita Hammond is a good pal of mine, not to mention a crack shoot. She took some very pretty pictures before we all got a bit red faced from the wine, which you can check out above - and there's a few more below the cut, too. Giita's currently got a solo show at the Joinery, Arbour Hill, Dublin 7, on at the mo - head up and check it out before the 10th, it's fab.

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