Are these the best bridesmaid bouquets of all time?

OK, nothing will beat the bridesmaids who walked down the aisle with puppies instead of flowers, but these come a very close second.

Bride Paige Burgess from Australia and her bridesmaids had perfectly nice floral bouquets, but she decided that they needed to be more edible. So, doughnuts!

Here's the moment the bridesmaids found out. (Nice dresses, by the way!)

The moment that the Bride told the bridesmaids that they'll be walking down the aisle with donut bouquets!

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Paige explained the tasty decision to the BBC. "Me and my husband Steven thought it would be different, fun and light hearted."

But it was all for nothing! The doughnuts, sadly, went uneaten, and I feel unreasonably angry about this.

"We had plenty of goodies beforehand, so we were too full to eat them," Paige said. Hmm.

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