Bobby Beale Set for Huge 'Enders Story This Christmas

Of course we use the word bold very lightly.

Bobby Beale was revealed as the killer to his sister Lucy Beale in the live episodes of EastEnders last February after viewers had waited almost a year to find out who did it. Thing is, he doesn't know he did it along with most others on the Square as his family are covering for him. And while it was accidental (kind of), Bobby has very much shown his dark side these past few months, and there's much more to come apparently.

EastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins was speaking at a press event for the soap over the weekend and said; "Bobby is definitely one to watch all the way to Christmas. As we see he's a little bit of a little b******. There's a lot more to come with Bobby - and that story is going to reach its climax at Christmas."

We're hoping this means that this never ending Lucy Beale story line will finally be over - it's been a year and a half for crying out loud. Or maybe Bobby will just invoke the fires of hell and all of Albert Square will be wiped out. Maybe.


Kudos to 13-year-old actor Eliot Carrington, by the way, who is nailing his role as the volatile Bobby Beale.

There's more drama on the way to Albert Square ahead of that though with an hour-long Halloween episodeĀ on Friday 30th, while Treadwell Collins added that Sharon Mitchell, Phil Mitchell, Stacey Branning and Martin Fowler are also "the people to watch" in the coming weeks.

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