Ask and you will recieve: a Ray D'Arcy special

Ray, for you, because you asked so nicely and also because Podge and Rodge had given you a terrible slagging last night, I tried out the product you wanted Kirstie to test.

Oh the things I do for others! First chemist I tried didn't have it. Second chemist only had one product in the Durex Play range - Vibrations. So that's what I got. It's a vibrating ring with a little battery. The other products are a Heat lubricant - I think this is what got you so fired up Ray - and a Feel one.

Vibrations was much better fun then I'd imagine the lubricants would be! The husband, forewarned by text, came home with a dirty grin on his face, to investigate the situation fully.

So... I'm not going to go into details here. All I will say is I tested it as I would any other product, asking three important questions:
Did I like it? Yes
Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes
Would I use it again? Oh yes


It costs €7.95: well worth it!

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