Banish Those Blemishes! Our Top 3 Blemish Blasters

There's a product for every skin ailment these days and they all want to do the same thing, improve your skin.

We've got skin brighteners, skin tighteners, radiance boosters and shine preventers and all of these are very much welcome into our skin care routines (when they prove themselves.)

As a blemish prone gal, however, it doesn't matter if my skin is blasting more rays than the sun if I have a great big spot on my nose.

I have tried loads of topical 'treatments': sudocream, ice, tea-tree oil, toothpaste to name but a few but when they work (for it depends on what time of month it is, what type of spot it is, at what stage I get to it at) they only treat that one blemish.

Of course there's always room for a quick fixer in my cosmetics bag(s) and I've tried a lot of them. Here are some of my tried and tested faves:

Trilogy Blemish Control Gel

trilogy gel

This is my current spot gel. It's very effective at getting rid of pesky pimples when you catch them early enough.

So keep a little tube with you and when you feel that tingle whip it out and give a little dab. It's €14.99 and available from Cloud 10 Beauty.


Lanolips Multipurpose Balm

lanolips ointment

I've only recently been introduced to Lanolips, but now I use the Everyday Hand Balm, ah, every day.

The multipurpose balm is an Elizabeth Arden 8 Hr job, and while I will admit that the brand name confused me and kind of put me off, I reached for the balm which had been sitting on my desk when I sensed the arrival of a new uninvited guest on my face. It worked!

La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I Targeted Blemish Corrector

la roche posay

Saving the best for last, this is simply brilliant.

It stops an impending spot in its tracks and it treats already established monstrosities.


Have you a spot blaster that you swear by? Do you use localised treaments or a treatment that you apply face-wide?

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