Fantasy er, Wednesday. Luxury Beauty Hamper: what's in yours?

Okay okay I know this post should strictly speaking be appearing as part of our Fantasy Friday series (which has sadly been on its holidays for a while*). But what the hell, we have no rules here at do we? It's like Fight Club round here due to the lack of rules. Well without the fighting. Unless Kirstie gets her paws on the new lust have mascara before me - then there's plenty of sulking.

So it's not really like Fight Club at all then is it? But you get the analogy. So it's Fantasy Wednesday today and no arguments.

On to the business of fantasy. Any time I see offers or competitions that proclaim "Win a luxury beauty hamper!" I'm always interested to know what exactly is in the luxury hamper.

Sometimes it's wow! Othertimes it's meh.


But just imagine if you could construct your own Fantasy Hamper? Full of things that you actually lust after but cannot afford without making yourself destitute or living on baked beans for the rest of the year. You can splurge on skincare, buy the fanciest makeup and throw in a facial voucher if you want. Or maybe you'd blow the lot on a spa trip - or a short visit to the Creme De La Mer counter. Perfume your thing? - sure chuck in a bottle or two.

You have Five Hundred Fantasy Euro to spend. What's in your hamper?

*Any Fantasy Friday ideas up your sleeve? Get emailing them to us! [email protected]

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