Gwen Stefani: not "just a girl" - she's the new face of L'Oreal

Pop Punk songstress Gwen Stefani is as much loved for her daring fashion choices  as her music (anyone else have the nerve to parade around in white tights with nothing over them?  Thought not).  Gwen always looks to me like she'd be a hell of a laugh to go for a few drinks with.

One thing has always remained constant - her look.  That platinum blonde hair, the red lips and black liner let us know that although Gwen moves with the times she loves old school glamour.

That she would become the "face" of one of the big cosmetic companies was a given.  She needed a young brand, something fresh and daring - no face of Estee Lauder or Chanel for our Gwen.  L'Oreal and its megabucks has already snapped up the likes of Cheryl Cole, Beyonce, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez, so it's safe to say Gwen will be quids in with this one.


And the debut ad for the brand was red lipstick.  Of course.

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