Risking it all in a crazed dash for perfect topiary: Bikini Wax car crash

Although this may seem like a scene from My Name is Earl it's actually a true story .

It was a bad week for Mariah Barnes in the Florida Keys.

She had no insurance; her car was not fit to be on the road and her driving license had been revoked a day earlier. You'd think three strikes would have convinced her to get the bus. But no, she needed the car to get to her hot date.

Never mind the illegality, she needed to drive goddamit - and in an even more bizarre twist - roped her ex husband in to help her.

However on the way to the date she realised it would lose a lot of its hotness as she had forgotten to attend to her bikini area.


So, getting her ex to steer the car, she started to shave her ladygarden. Disaster followed as she rear ended a truck (due to concentrating on a difficult bit) and heard the familiar (to her) sound of a police siren. She drove on for a bit, stopped the car, jumped out, swapped places with the ex and pretended he was driving the car.

Did the authorities fall for it? Did they heck as like. She was charged with a ton of car related infringements.

But sadly it seems, we will never know what happened with the hot date for which all the risk was taken. A razor, tossed to the side of the road, as Mariah attempted to discard the evidence of her crime, is the only clue we have.

It was one of those yellow yokes you buy in packs of five. So we can only surmise that she cut herself to ribbons in a delicate place as the car went over a bump in the road, leading her to swerve wildly and hit the pickup in front of her.

Pic courtesy NBC

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