What's The One Product You Always Get Complimented On?


I used to have this fabarooney Paul and Joe blusher that was pink and shot through with subtle golden pearl and yeah I liked it and all but it wasn't feckin' spectacular. Or at least, I didn't think so anyway.


Except every time I wore it I got people telling me I looked well or holy mother of sweet divine what was that amazing stuff I had on my cheeks and could they buy some too?


This kept happening and then the universe intervened and sent An Order to Shatter into my handbag, which complied by crushing the life out of the lovely luminizing, compliment-giving blusher, thus rendering it completely unusable.


I've never come close to having a product that was so universally admired in use since. What about you lot though? Got anything in your beauty bags that people routinely gasp over in stunned amazement when they see it on your face? Spill in the comments!

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