Caption competition! Behold the wonder of Jon Hamm. Brought to you just because we can

"What is the point in having your own blog goddamn it" I screamed across the boardroom table* to Kirstie.

"What is the point if you can't just publish gratuituous pictures of Jon Hamm in a manly, package revealing stride whenever you feel like it?"

"Why none at all" she agreed meekly, convinced by the undisputable logic of my argument.


Ever since the first time I clapped eyes on Don Draper I've been in love with Jon Hamm.  And his appearances in Bridesmaids and 30 Rock have only made it worse - because not only is he gorgeous he's also funny.

So to celebrate this fabulousness there will obviously be a goodie bag for best comment!

*sadly there is no boardroom

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