Win a pair of tickets to Neutrogena's seriously exciting new skincare launch

Friday, October 6th will be the skincare event of 2017, and Neutrogena® want to see you there!

5.30 - 8.30pm, Tony Ryan Gallery, Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA Gallery), Ely Place, Dublin 2

Two competition winners are invited to join Neutrogena® at the Royal Hibernian Academy on the evening of Friday, October 6th, to celebrate the new Light Therapy Acne Mask, a revolutionary at-home treatment for spots and acne.

Using technology developed by NASA, the Light Therapy Acne Mask is a lightweight wearable device that treats acne with a combination of red and blue LED light. It’s ideal for those with sensitive skin that can be irritated by over-the-counter acne remedies - and results have been noticed in as little as one week of daily ten-minute sessions. In an independent clinical study, 98% had fewer breakouts after using the mask for twelve weeks, and 94% had smoother skin. What’s more, 77% of those subjects also said they had higher self-esteem, and 69% felt more comfortable interacting with others.

On Friday, October 6th, the competition winners will attend a pink-themed party with drinks and canapés, music, mini-manis, and make-up touch-ups. And because everyone deserves their moment in the spotlight, there will be a Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Mask for each winner.

Blogger and acne sufferer Maeve Madden will be in attendance along with Rebecca Bennett, J&J’s Skincare Expert.


SKIN UPDATE - SCROLL RIGHT.. I am enough. Who I am is enough, Real and imperfect I am simply myself. Today was pretty emotional, image Number 2 (swipe right for close up) was this morning and I honestly did not want to show my face. I felt like my skin was really clearing up in Image 3 and then yesterday I got pretty stressed and woke up this morning to a war zone on my face.. Ugh that total sinking feeling.. I literally burst out crying. I didnt wanna leave the house, i just wanted to cover my face and cry. I wanted to BUT i didnt!! I popped some lotions and potions on my face, will share very soon, and I just sat and thought, Im gonna stop wasting my time stressing over what is, and I’m gonna exhale all that negativity, I’m going to talk to the people in my life who make me happy, calm, smile and feel awesome.. The best part of every morning is you have the opportunity to become a happier version of yourself. It really does feel awesome when you talk to those who see past your flaws and imperfections and just adore you for being you. Everyone needs a little reassurance sometimes, so I’m gonna tell you what I was told today: Stop being so hard on yourself, you are a gift to the world no matter how flawed and imperfect you may be. Despite everything you have been through, you still grow, your still brave and you still have the courage to be the real you. You have too many blessings to be ungrateful. Smile and the whole world will smile with you. My current situation is not my final destination, and now that you know you don’t have to be perfect, just go and be FLAWSOME. #maevemadden #flawsome #reality #realtalk #human #natural #loveyourself #pcos #acne #acnescars #smile #perfectlyimperfect

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