Celebs dancing like real people at Eva Longoria's wedding

To celebrate Hump Day (only two more sleeps 'til Friday!) and the first official day of summer (hurrah!), we bring you a video of David Beckham dancing at Eva Longoria's wedding party that is so freakin' cute you'll lose your mind.

It's like watching animals roam freely in the wild or seeing your teachers outside of school (Mean Girls reference, yaas), and we LOVE it. He's the ultimate awkward Dad dancer and you can tell that he's totally mortified to have been caught on camera, but he plays it off like he knows what he's doing and his moves are super suave.

#TBT 80's Band was on point... #EvaAndPepeWedding

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Vicky B can move.

#TBT Wedding was lit... #EvaAndPepeWedding

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Mario Lopez of Saved By The Bell fame shared some video action from the party which also feature Victoria Beckham having the time of her life dancing and singing along to some 80s tunes, while blushing bride Longoria does her best table dancing routine.

Oh David, you cutie, you.

If that's not enough to soothe your midweek woes, here's Ricky Martin dancing too.

#TBT Great time at my friend's wedding... #EvaAndPepeWedding

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That just made your day, didn't it?

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