Beaut Awards 18: Vote for the Best in Bodycare

What products do you use on your temple? Vote for who you think should be considered the Best in Bodycare in this year's Beaut Awards.

I hate to say it, but bodycare is the runt of the beauty litter. But that's not to say that bodycare is not as important, it's just often swept to the sidelines as we pay more attention to our hair and face. Bodycare, however, is as important (especially in times of heatwave when your limbs are on display for the first time since your holiday last year. And in Ireland!

Voting is open for Haircare now!

Voting is open for Skincare now!

Voting is open for Makeup now!

Buy your ticket to the Best in Beauty event - where the winners will be revealed! - from eventbrite now!

It's times like these when women need to know the best product to buy. So, cast your vote today to inform the women of the near future. And don't forget to fill out the form below - every entrant enters the draw to win bodycare goodies worth over €100! Voting closes Tuesday, September 4.



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