Skincare routines can be confusing- what do we REALLY need?

For most women, skincare products can be one big mystery. Forever changing and all a bit confusing.

But do we need all the extra bits we hear about all the time?

Or can we just stick to the basics and the skincare products that are most important?

So, let's strip it back and talk about what products are essential.

One thing to remember is what we want to do with our skin- cleanse, moisturize, protect and repair.


Finding a cleanser that is best for your skin type is probably the most important part.

The goal is to cleanse your face of makeup, dirt build-up and impurities but still being careful not to strip your skin of its natural oils.


Inevitably, you will strip some oils from the skin whilst cleansing.


This is why it is always important to moisturise after you cleanse - to restore and nourish the skin.


Arguably the most important step in any good skincare regime.

The best products in the world won't fix sun-damaged skin. Prevention is always best.

Again, find an SPF that suits your skin type.

Most daily moisturisers have an SPF included but if you prefer pure SPF there are lots of them on the market.


Although you may be as prepared as you can be, there will always be an inevitable amount of damage done to the skin from your daily activities and lifestyle.

One particular area that needs constant restoration is the sensitive skin area around the eyes.


It is prone to wrinkles and damage as the skin is so thin and fragile in this area.

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