A vintage pic of Justin Trudeau is breaking the internet

Ladies and gentlemen, take a seat, for what you are about to observe may cause bouts of fainting and sighing.

The world is already acutely aware of the awesomeness of Canada's newest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has gained many fans around the world for his actions supporting women's rights, gender equality and feminism at large amongst others in his brief time as PM.

He's also, without question, a very handsome man as the image above shows. But if you think Trudeau is handsome at 44-years-old, you should have seen him in the early '90s.

That right there? That's an international heartbreaker.

Trudeau spent his gap year in 1994 travelling around Africa and Helsinki, which is when this picture was taken.

And understandably, the internet can't cope.





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