How to make the most of your weekend in Galway City

So you're off to the City of the Tribes for the weekend. Don't forget your raincoat and bring your sense of craic.

Galway is the best city in Ireland, and that's a fact. According to me. A Galwegian. But I am an authority of the matter, and when you come back from your weekend away, you'll definitely agree. It's the European Capital of Culture 2020, but you don't have to wait until then to visit; it's already the cultural heart of Ireland, and it's proud of it.

Where to stay

Boutique Hotels The G and The House Hotel are both nice options for a getaway, as is the Galmont (formally the Radisson Blu). However, there are tons of lovely B&Bs and guesthouses located within walking distance of the city centre that will give you a more authentic feel for the place. The Stop is a gorgeous choice.


The Pros

It is craic central. There is always a festival on, but even if there wasn't there are enough pubs, cafes and restaurants open so you can create your own festival. Also, almost everything is walking distance from each other.

The Cons

It rains. A lot. Also, be prepared to run into lots of stag and hen parties.

Surrounding areas


Galway City sits on the West Coast. If the day is fine, venture that little bit out to Salthill for some quality pubs and restaurants, the beach and the seaside promenade where you can do the famous Prom Walk (don't forget to kick the wall at the end!). If you've got wheels, you can drive to Connemara or even go as far as the Cliffs of Moher. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, take a boat to the Aran Islands.


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Galway. This charming little town is one of the quietest places in Western Europe. More like a village because of its calm, relaxed and bohemian atmosphere, it has a great artistic tradition that encompasses painting, music, theater, and cinema. You can walk through its beautiful medieval streets and the lively markets on weekends. Descubre la pequeña y encantadora ciudad universitaria de Galway que está considerada uno de los lugares más tranquilos de Europa occidental. Más semejante a un pueblo por su ambiente tranquilo, relajado y bohemio, cuenta con una gran tradición artística que abarca la pintura, música, teatro y cine. Además, te recomendamos pasear por sus hermosas calles medievales y acercarte a sus animados mercadillos. Galway. Esta pequena e charmosa cidade é um dos lugares mais tranquilos da Europa Ocidental. Mais como uma aldeia por causa de sua atmosfera calma, descontraída e boêmia, tem uma grande tradição artística que engloba pintura, música, teatro e cinema. Você pode caminhar pelas belas ruas medievais e pelos mercados animados nos fins de semana. #ireland #trip #enjoyireland #fun#lovingireland #galway #irishpeople #characterofirish #friends #hapinnes #weterneurope

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Friday evening

Book a half day and hop on the train that will arrive smack bang in Galway city. If you're feeling thirsty, grab a pint in the famous O'Connells pub on Eyre Square (check out the beer garden, it's one of the best in Ireland), and after, make your way to your digs. Once you're settled, take yourself to the West End area of the city - take the Dominick Street route - to explore some of the unique bars and restaurants in the vicinity. Eat in the superb, award-winning eateries Kai or Aniar, drink in Tartare and America Village, The Blue Note, Massimo, Aras na nGael (where you can practice your cupla focal). End up in - where else? - Roisin Dubh.


On Saturdays, days are started at the Galway Market. Grab yourself a crepe and prepare to wander the streets. If you fancy brunch, you can head to Tribeton. For lunch, got to The Kitchen Restaurant at the Galway City Museum before or after checking out the museum itself. For some daytime wine and cheese, you can't do any better than Sheridan's. If it's rainy (which it probably will be), enjoy a movie at the very impressive, newly-opened Palas cinema. For some low-key good vibes (and wine) with a bit of culture thrown in, The Black Gate Cultural Centre is for sure worth a look. Coffees are best had in Cafe du Journal.

Be sure to research if Druid has a show running the weekend you are there, too.

If you didn't eat in Aniar or Kai the night before, now's your chance. Otherwise, there's an adorable French restaurant called Le Petit Pois where you'll be well looked after.


There are plenty of places for brunch in Galway including Merrow, the restaurant at the Palas cinema. Have that walk on the prom or return to your favourite Galway hotspots (you can easily get there on foot!). The go back home and dream of Galway for days.


Would you like a Beaut guide to a particular place in Ireland? Let us know in the comments!

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