Ariel Winter channels 'mean girls' for Cosmo

"That time @arielwinter wore a shirt that said 'a little bit dramatic' and 'Mean Girls' fans everywhere lost their sh*t..." Cosmo have enlisted Modern Family's Ariel Winter to pose as an array of mean girls from various sized screens in a bid to highlight bullying. Here are just some of the results via the magazine's Instagram.



Speaking with the magazine
, the teenager said: "Being mean to people is not cool. And why I found it so awesome to do this shoot and play these characters is that I'm right now trying to speak out against bullying and people tearing down others, and I love that I got to play these characters and trump them in a sense. I got to overtake them. What they do is not right, and I'm above it..."

She added: "When I was younger, we didn't have a lot of role models that were not Regina George-like. We didn't have a lot of super-nice women who were just OK being themselves - didn't have to dress in designer clothes, didn't have to bleach blonde their hair, didn't have to limit themselves at every meal. That promoted a lot of insecurity. People love her so much because they're like, ‘Wow, I wish I could be like her'... It's just disappointing that that's what they consider a perfect girl."


Winter also posted the below to her own Instagram...



Via Cosmopolitan



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