Arnie Speaks Out For Cecil The Lion

The story of Cecil The Lion and his horrendous demise has touched the masses. Joining Ricky Gervais, and Jimmy Kimmel, Arnold Schwarzenegger is now appealing to people to donate towards the protection of big cats, not needlessly culling them for 'sport.'

He posted the below to his Facebook with the following caption: "Stop killing big cats. Killing a lion isn't ballsy. Going into the octagon or joining the military - that's ballsy. Try that before you kill a lion. Protecting big cats is also ballsy. #5forBigCats I am in - join me:"

The post has garnered over 454,000 likes and 75,000 shares since it was uploaded, and it's spawned such comments as...


Humorous comments aside, have you been moved to donate for this cause?

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