The best wedding films for every bride to get in the zone

If you're a stressed bride-to-be, the chances are, you'll need a distraction. Pop on one of these wedding films to get back in the nice wedding zone.

Wedding planning can be stressful. It's a shame when it's supposed to be a nice time of your life. You should really take a break from fretting and watch a wedding film. If it will teach you anything, it's that nothing goes to plan. If it teaches you nothing, at least you've been diverted for a couple of hours!

For this list, I've only mentioned fun, fluffy, or funny wedding movies because no stressed bride-to-be needs to endure a downer like Muriel's Wedding or Melancholia.

The Philadelphia Story (1940)

The Philadelphia Story is not just a wedding film; it's a classic that everyone needs to see. Starring the wonderful Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and James Stewart, it's as iconic as a film can be. And it is hilarious, too. High Society, a musical adaptation (is was originally a stage play) is also brilliant. It stars another classic movie star, Grace Kelly.

Father of the Bride (1991)

This Father of the Bride is a remake of the 1950 original starring Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy. The '90s version is a cult classic, though; I must have seen it ten times. Steve Martin plays the titular Father who has to foot the bill for his young daughter's extravagant wedding - that is taking place at his home. Watch out for Martin Short as Franc, the wedding planner, a character that itself has earned cult status.

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

In the role that made a star out of him, Hugh Grant plays Charles, a young man in the midst of wedding madness. The title gives away the plot, and you probably won't get much inspiration from the mid-nineties wedding style, but it certainly does stand the test of time. Mindy Kaling is currently developing a series based on the plot. Let's see how that turns out...

My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)


It's not your classic feel-good plot, but it's a great movie that launched the American film career of Rupert Everett, who steals the show as Julia Roberts' boss. If you haven't seen the movie, chances are you've seen the iconic 'Say a Little Prayer Scene.' Cameron Diaz also stars in one of her first roles. Don't watch if your husband-to-be has a pretty girl best friend! Jokes.

The Wedding Planner (2001)

Jennifer Lopez is the Wedding Planner in question who is quite happy doing the planning and avoiding the marrying. Until Matthew McConaughy's handsome doctor Eddie comes along...

Mamma Mia (2008)

First and foremost, Mamma Mia is a musical starring Abba songs, but the plot is actually driven by the impending nuptials of Meryl Streep's character's daughter played by Amanda Seyfried. Who is also trying to figure out which of three possibles is her father...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Written by and starring the then completely unknown Nia Vardalos, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the surprise hit no one saw coming. Maybe Aidan from Sex and the City had something to do with its success. Or could it have been down to NSync's Joey Fatone?

Royal Wedding (1951)

The plot centres around the 1947 wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten, so this is perfect for anyone craving more after a year of two royal weddings. Starring Fred Astaire and Jane Powell, it's a song and dance extravaganza and an all-round feel-good affair.


Have you seen these wedding movies? Which would you recommend a bride-to-be watch?

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