Cheese and crisps? Or sweets and biscuits - are you sweet or savory?

Recently I was having a conversation about biscuits with a friend of a friend.

"I can't just have one biscuit," she said. "I have to eat the whole packet."

"I actually can't eat more than two or three biscuits at a time," I said. But before she could think I was bragging about my miraculous self-control (which I wasn't, because (a) that would be obnoxious and (b) self control doesn't come into it - I just never feel like having any more biscuits), I added "Now, if it were cheese..."


I can't say no to more savoury goodness. Whether it's a tube of salt and vinegar Pringles or a slab of feta, if it's salty, I want to eat more of it. Sweet things? I can take them or leave them - and if I get a craving, I can satisfy it with a single biscuit or square of chocolate. But salty treats? The more the merrier. Or rather, the more the greedier. My worst food-related habit is surely my tendency to absent-mindedly eat cheese while making the dinner. Not only do I spoil my appetite for the actual dinner, but I frequently manage to put away half a large slice of manchego before the pasta is even cooked.

And do I feel healthy and well after all this cholesterol raising? No, unsurprisingly, I don't, because scarfing a large amount of cheese on an empty stomach is never going to make anyone feel good. And don't get me started on my ability to eat Marks and Spencers' new salt-and-vinegar-flavoured popcorn, a fatty, salty yet delicious heart attack in a bag.

So what about you? Are you cheese-resistant but addicted to sugar? Can you take or leave cakes but embrace the salty side of life? Or are you an equal opportunities snacker?

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