Did You See Enda Kenny Talking Breakfast Tips on Ireland AM?

The leader of our country, Enda Kenny, after dealing with a lot of very intense questions delivered by Mark Cagney, then enjoyed a baking segment with the Odlams Lady, where he learned a number of tips about cooking scones. Then he was allowed to eat a few scones that had already cooled down, lest he burn his tongue and render him unable to address the nation. 

For the record, he starts his day at 6:30am with a bowl of porridge (dried fruit included) - although he's not adverse to the odd scone. In fact, a lovely lady by the name of Marjorie who takes the train up on a regular basis to gift him with her homemade jam. True story. 

Of course, this is just one of many moments involving our Taoiseach on Ireland AM this morning. If this wasn't your preferred moment (obviously it was ours - after all, we're an entertainment site and we love stuffing our faces with scones), please feel free to share what struck a chord with you the most in the comments below. 

As for the upcoming Marriage Referendum, he had this to say...


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