How Many Pairs of McQueen Alien Shoes Does One Lady Need?

Lady Gaga decided to posing on (presumably her own) NYC balcony with no less than three pairs of Alexander McQueen's iconic alien shoes the morning after her appearance onstage with U2 at Madison Square Garden. Sure what else would you be doing? We spied those shoes on her actually - how can she walk in them?!

The below come captioned:"Long Live McQueen. Look monsters, we got a sign of love from the beyond. Photo by the babes."

Then she set about doing some light housework - without the shoes, of course. That would be silly: "Shining up the glass sparkly and pretty, listening to Jazz, why a beautiful morning."

Instead of being impressed with the decor of her NYC abode, Instagram has instead focused on the size of her fiancee Taylor Kinny's feet. The general consensus is that they're 'small.'


It's all relative, people...

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