Jessica Chastain calls out 'disturbing' representation of women in film at Cannes

Sofia Coppola may have walked away with the prestigious festival's award for 'Best Director' but Jessica Chastain and some of her fellow jurors still think there's a lot more for the film industry to catch up on.

Jessica Chastain was speaking to the press alongside the Cannes jury yesterday and called out the "disturbing" representation, or lack thereof, of women in film.

"This is the first time I watched 20 films in 10 days," she said at the festival's post-ceremony press conference. "And what I really took away from this experience is how the world views women. It was quite disturbing to me, to be honest."

"There are some exceptions, but for the most part, I was surprised by the representation of female characters on film."

"I do hope that when we include more female storytellers, we will have more women that I recognise in my own day-to-day life. Ones that are proactive, have their own agency, don’t just react to the men around them. They have their own point of view."


Chastain has been largely praised for her words online, with fellow actors and directors like Ava DuVernay sharing her comments on social media.


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