Julia Roberts was morto watching herself at Taylor Swift's gig

Forget Julia's stint onstage during Swift's 1989 tour; if you've not seen Ellen's appearance you are in for a treat...

By way of a bit of background; you may recall that Swift's 1989 tour was a busy worldwide affair last year, and - to break up the show - Swift would invite her mates / famous faces up onstage. This is the first time Julia Roberts has seen herself gyrating onstage with Joan Baez and she looks mildly disturbed. We're not sure why; she's gots the moves!

When DeGeneres points out that she hardly dressed up for the affair (compared to the amazing effort Ellen went to herself...), Roberts says: "In my defence, I had about 5 minutes notice. I was not dressed for 50,000 people", before launching into a very sweet story involving her sons' words of motivation.


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