Courteney Cox & Bear Grylls running wild in Ireland this weekend

Adventurer Bear Grylls will be back shortly putting the celebs through their paces for a third series of Running Wild, and this time around he's got a 'Friend' on board as Courteney Cox joins him to test her survival skills.

The adventure weekend can be filmed anywhere, but Courteney decided she wanted to hang out in the home of her Northern Irish fiance, Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid. It wasn't certain when Grylls and Cox would be heading off into the wild, but the actress just tweeted last night that she had arrived onto our fair shores for the show.

They haven't specified where exactly they will be filming, but they definitely don't have the weather for it wherever they are. Not that that narrows it down by any stretch.


County Down native Bear filmed in Ireland before with his famous Man Vs Wild series back in 2008, where he found a sheep carcass from a bog and used its skin as a sleeping bag, a waterproof sack, and a flotation device.


Hope Courteney knows what she's letting herself in for.

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