Kim Kardashian West is 'done' talking about Taylor Swift, thank you very much

Now, now Kim. Do you really think Taylor is going to bury the hatchet that easily?

If you're expecting any more drama to come from Kim Kardashian West's Snapchat or other media regarding Taylor Swift, we have some bad news.

Kim, who graces the cover of this month's edition of Billboard, told the magazine that she's "so over it" and thinks we should "all move on".

"Ugh, do we really have to talk about Taylor Swift?" she said when asked by Billboard. "I’m so over it ... If it were up to Kanye, it all would probably never have come out. He can handle it, he has no hard feelings.


"He doesn’t even really care. I just wanted to protect my husband. I saw him getting a lot of shit ... It wasn’t even about a look or anything, or to have this feud – it was like, "OK, here’s the truth". Done. Let’s all move on. I feel like I don’t want to talk about her anymore."

You may be over it and Taylor may have chosen to remove herself from this narrative Kim, but we can all agree that she 100% knows where that hatchet is when it's ready to be picked back up. So as much as you don't want to talk about her anymore, we wouldn't relax any time soon.

Via Billboard

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