Live Tweeting Couples Breaking Up is a Thing Now?

Obviously it made for the best/worst journey ever. But hey, we'd take 'couple breaking up' over 'screaming and kicking toddler' any day.

Kelly Keegs was on a flight out of Charleston, North Carolina when she encountered a very rare and unbelievable sight in the form of a couple in the same row as her who were breaking up right there and then. And because of a delay in takeoff, Keegs decided to live-tweet the whole ugly thing.

Now we're semi-skeptical about this because we're who cynics live in an age of hoaxes and marketing ploys; what level of eejit do you have to be to break up with someone when both of you are locked in confined space for a long period of time? And why would you force that breakup on the ears and eyes of others? Luckily this pair are as bad as each other, and it made for one hell of a show.

We really hope this doesn't turn out to be a PR stunt.


And in case you were wondering, Kelly enjoyed the whole affair. Maybe it's time airlines started upping their in-flight entertainment game to include live theatre.


Via Twitter/Metro

Either this is a massive PR stunt or quite the invasion of two peoples' privacy. What do you think?

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