Michael Fassbender is Part of "The Brit Pack" According to GQ

We know that there's a hyphen in the nationality when we talk about Michael Fassbender being Irish, but the German-born actor is another of the club that Britain is trying to claim as their own...at least according to GQ. 

In this month's issue, the celebrated men's magazine decided to take a look at a number of celebrated actors from Britain that are taking Hollywood by storm, winning awards and landing huge roles in blockbuster movies.

The list was chosen by none other than LA's head British celeb David Beckham, and while Fassbender didn't make the list as being officially one of Britain's shining talents, there was mention of the fact that he was one of the "British" actors that had scooped plenty of awards.


Via GQ

Oh we see how it is, once they start winning things then all of a sudden they're from the UK. It's not the first time this kind of thing has happened.

Even though Gywneth Paltrow is always putting on an English accent they've never claimed her...

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