National Television Awards Red Carpet - The Best Dressed!

Let's be honest. The NTAs aren't exactly famed for being a bastion of style, so when Emma Willis turns up in something like this, it's like all our Christmasses coming at once.

Also opting for the look presumably Pixie Lott was aiming for was Laura Whitmore, looking lovely in tie dye.

Nadia Forde also managed to turn a few heads in her glamorous ensemble...

Proving soap stars can look sophisticated on a red carpet, were Lauren, Priya and Katie off Emmerdale...

Amanda Holden, Tess Daly, Claudia WinklemanLucy and Tiffany Watson, and Maisie Williams all impressed with their understated style as did Alesha Dixon - although we can't see her doing much dancing in this. On the plus side, it has pockets.


Did you watch the NTAs last night? Did you rate and / or slate the red carpet efforts or were you too busy blubbing over Ken's lovely tribute to the late Anne Kirkbride? Let's hear it in the comments! But first, have a gander through the gallery - all the looks are here!

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