Operation Transformation leader leaves show

It's bad news for Operation Transformation today as for the first time in the show's eight year run, a leader has had to leave the show.

Last week viewers saw that Dublin man Dan Kennedy was forced to take a week-long break from the programme as he was hospitalised due to severe colitis. It was hoped he would make a full recovery, however, at the weekend Dan’s doctors spoke with him following further testing and told him that his current condition means he is not medically fit to continue on the Operation Transformation plan.

The show's host Kathryn Thomas said: “We are all so disappointed for Dan that he is no longer medically fit to continue as a leader. He approached the Operation Transformation plan with huge enthusiasm, determination and great humour. The most important thing for Dan right now is to focus his attentions on getting well again and we all wish him a very speedy recovery”.

While one of show's health experts Dr Ciara Kelly said: "I, and the rest of the Operation Transformation team, would like to wish Dan a healthy and speedy recovery. This was a pre-existing condition which neither Dan's GP nor anyone on the Operation Transformation team was aware of. Anyone who has watched Dan on the show, will have seen his dedication and commitment to getting healthy. This is an unfortunate reminder to all Irish men to be more proactive and attentive regarding their health".


It really is very disappointing for both Dan and fans of the show, as the good humoured 44-year-old's relationship with his mother, who he still lives with, had proven very entertaining so far.

Here's hoping he makes a quick recovery and sticks with his weight-loss journey regardless.

For anyone following Dan’s plan on Operation Transformation, his weekly meal and exercise plans will remain available at www.rte.ie/ot/

Catch Operation Transformation on Wednesdays and Thursdays, RTÉ One at 8.30pm.

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