Planning on a Staycation? You'll Have to Fork Out to Stay in an Irish Hotel

Irish hotel prices have rise for the fifth year in a row, with the national average room rate standing at €116 a night for the first half of this year.

The Hotel Price Index survey revealed that prices were up 15%(€21) on the same time period, January to June, last year.

Dublin remains the most expensive place to rest your head, with an average of €128 a night, which is a 19% increase. Sligo €95 (18%), Galway €110 (10%), Cork €99 (9%) all had major rises in price but still managed to stay below the national average.

The figures are in line with the recent Central Statistics Office numbers that revealed foreign tourism is up by 11.7%, which goes a long way to explaining the increase. 3.9 million tourists entered the country between January and June, which is up 407,000 on that time period compared to the previous year.


Via Irish Independent 

No mini breaks for us then.

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