Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Responds to Those Beach Body Ads

An advertisement that appeared on the Underground asking women if they were beach body ready has caused a huge controversy online, and the responses have been pretty great.

The ad has been accused of body shaming women, and Protein World, the company behind the campaign, whipped up even more of a storm by being completely unapologetic online about the complaints. The campaign has now been banned, but the original featured a thin model posing in a bikini, asking women "are you beach body ready", and advertised a collection of protein products that were designed for slimming down. 

The universal response has been that every body is beach body ready, and plus size model Ashley Graham has released her own response, along with Swimsuits for all to highlight that no one should be made to feel bad about their figure.

The Sports Illustrated cover star looks beautiful too as she flaunts her curves in her swimsuit, asking "are you ready for this beach body?".


Apparently Protein World got what they wanted after the ad went up, and claimed to have made around £1 million since getting all the extra attention, but they now have to take the ad down as the UK's Advertising Standards Authority have ruled that it is inappropriate.

We reckon that if you have a body and access to a beach, then congratulations, you're beach body ready! Health, fitness and how you feel should be the only defining factors.

So what do you think of the original ad and the response? Did you find the original ad offensive or maybe you think the reaction to the ad has now gone too far the other way, and slimmer women may be feeling that they're coming under fire unfairly? 

Via US Magazine

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