The Trailer for the Next Game of Thrones Episode Features Arya!

Game of Thrones got off to a very promising start in its opening episode this week, but there is still SO much more to come from this year's installment of the hit show.

Episode One touched base with many of the main characters, but given that there are about 40 or so people on the cast, there's still a few we haven't heard from yet this season, mainly Arya Stark.


Last we saw of this lady she was sailing off to pastures new, but now in the second episode, we'll see she has arrived at her destination, to the House of Black and White - which a VERY important house, folks.

We also get to see what this much talked about Dorne looks like in the upcoming episode, along with meeting some of Oberyn's (RIP) relatives.


You can get a brief glimpse of the upcoming action below...

Who would you like to see more of in season five? We'd nearly be happy following Varys and Tyrion around the whole time, they're always good craic.

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