Top Ten All-Time Christmas Songs

Yes, they're played every year. Yes, they're always on repeat on the radio for the next month. But dammit, they're an institution at this stage and we love 'em.

So here's our list of our top ten Christmas songs. And we'd love to hear what's on your list! What are you humming as you condition your hair/wrap the gifts/stand in line for fifteen hours to meet Santa?

10. CHRIS REA - Drivin' Home For Christmas

Exactly how long has Chris Rea been driving? Twenty years now? He's home already. In fact, it's most likely he's sold that home and is driving somewhere else now. So for all we know, this song is just hollow.

9. DAVID BOWIE & BING CROSBIE - Little Drummer Boy

Did you notice how David Bowie just MARCHES right in to Bing Crosbie's house? Like, sure, he's the Great White Duke and everything, but that's just rude. Also - that six-year old son he's talking about? That's Duncan Jones, the director of Moon and Source Code and the upcoming Warcraft movie.

8. RUN DMC - Christmas In Hollis

Ain't you got some Christmas music? THIS IS CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

7. EAST 17 - Stay Another Day

The fact that you have a decent chance of seeing East 17 playing at a hotel group Christmas party package thing fills us with a certain kind of existentialist sadness.But then happiness because we get to do backing vocals…staaaaaaay noooow-ow.

6. SHAKIN' STEVENS - Merry Christmas, Everyone

Aside from that Green Door one, we can't name another Shakin' Stevens song. Come to think of it, who exactly is Shakin' Stevens? And why was he shaking?


5. WHAM! - Last Christmas

Look, you're not having a Christmas without George Michael's frosted tips and that wooden chalet. End of discussion.

4. JONA LEWIE - Stop The Cavalry

The subject matter is pretty dark but Jona manages to mix in an upbeat horn section and suddenly it's on loop in M&S, driving us slowly insane as we try to find a long nightie with sleeves for Aunty Mary. But this isn't Jona Lewie's best song that accolade goes to Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties.

3. PAUL McCARTNEY - Wonderful Christmas Time

We're not entirely sure of any other lyric in this song other than 'simplyyyy haveeeeeen' a wonderfulChristmastime' but we love it for that bit alone.

2. POGUES - Fairytale Of New York

This song is to an Irish Christmas what cranberry sauce is to turkey.

1. MARIAH CAREY - All I Want For Christmas (Is You)

And you know the Justin Bieber remix? How dare they besmirch the hallowed institution that is Mariah Carey frolicking in snow with a load of dogs? HOW VERY DARE THEY.


So tell us, what makes your list? And shall we all sing together?

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