Turns out Hayley Atwell is the actress that Emma Thompson defended from a body shaming producer

Can we keep Emma Thompson in the spotlight all the time? Because she just keeps giving us more and more reasons to love her.

Yesterday she came out with a story about how she once threatened to pull out of a movie after the producer asked one of her younger co-stars to lose weight.

“She was absolutely exquisite. And I said to them, ‘If you speak to her about this again on any level, I will leave this picture. You are never to do that.’ It’s evil what’s going on out there and it’s getting worse,” she said of the incident.

But who is the co-star that Thompson was referring to? Well The Wrap have identified her as Hayley Atwell. It seems that in an interview Atwell did with the Evening Standard in 2015 she spoke of the same incident on the set of the 2008 period drama.


"I thought, ‘OK, I suppose I should [lose weight].’ Then Emma Thompson [who co-starred] said to me, ‘You’re not a model. You’re an actor.’ In the end, they accepted me for who I was."

Atwell goes on to describe the power that Thompson's words had in helping her overcome her insecurities.

"If I’ve ever had an insecurity about myself in this industry, Emma always has an amazing ability to say something to put it all into perspective, so that you don’t hate yourself."

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