Two giddy grannies get kicked out of Ab Fab movie for laughing too loud

Apparently they were enjoying the movie too much…

59 year old great grandmother Cindy Amass and best friend Jacqueline Cox (60) were approached by management during the screening and asked to ‘laugh on the inside’ or leave.

The incident occurred at Vue cinema, Islington and left Cindy particularly embarrassed and upset. Going to see the pic was her first trip out after suffering a heart attack.

Cindy explains: ‘I hadn’t been out for over a year and I was really looking forward to it. It was an early showing at 6pm so there weren’t many people in the cinema.’

Cindy and Jacqueline as well as two other men, also deemed too noisy, were eventually forced to leave the cinema. Jacqueline said she ‘just couldn’t believe’ their treatment.

The two women are major Ab Fab fans, having grown up watching the TV series. The friends are even affectionately called Eddie and Patsy by their families and friends.


A spokesperson for Vue Cinemas has said: ‘We would never ask our customers to leave for laughing. We love seeing our customers enjoy their big screen experience at Vue.

‘However in this instance we had a number of complaints about some customers talking too loudly during this film which was disrupting the viewing experience for the majority of the customers in the screen.’

But as Cindy pointedly remarks: ‘We weren’t laughing that loudly, but it is a funny film, it’s not like we were watching anything serious.'


Via The Mirror

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