#MarRef One of Twitter's Most Influential Moments of 2015

These days it seems that no matter what happens in the world, Twitter is the first place you hear about it. Although it may not always be the most reliable news source, it is definitely the most used, whether it be people making a hashtag into a global movement or wondering what colour that damn dress was.

The social media site has compiled all their data and we now know the most talked about topics of Twitter this year along with the most retweeted tweets, the most popular trends and how 2015 unfolded across the world on the popular social media site.

Ireland's Marriage Equality Referendum managed to rank as one of the most talked about and influential moments of 2015. According to the folk at Twitter;

"People used Twitter this year to celebrate the national legalization of same-sex marriage, notably in the US and in Ireland. The #HomeToVote hashtag became hugely popular when Irish citizen expats shared their experiences returning home to vote, and #LoveWins celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage in the US on June 26."


Check out the video below;

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