Watch: Remember when Boo from Orange is the New Black was in Friends?

One of our favourite characters from Netflix's Orange is the New Black (although we have many) has to be Boo, played by Lea DeLaria. The show is undoubtedly the actress' most prominent role to date, but DeLaria has been around for quite some time, with appearances in the likes of The Drew Carey Show, Will and Grace and even Friends.

Boo showed up in season two of the hit sitcom in The One with the Lesbian Wedding, when Ross's ex-wife Carol married Susan. DeLaria plays a guest at the wedding (which IMDB has credited as simply 'woman') and even hits on Phoebe.

Watch below;


The other shocking news from looking into this story came from the fact that Lea DeLaria is in fact fifty-eight years old. Yep, Boo is almost sixty somehow.

DeLaria clearly has an aging painting in an attic somewhere.

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