Watch: Spanish Tampax Pearl Ad - Seriously WTF?

Ever since I saw this Tampax Pearl ad it's been haunting my dreams.  And not in a good way.

The basic plot (if tampon ads have a plot per se) concerns a lady who visits the pool with tampon visibly protruding from her handbag, a handsome gentleman attempts to steal said tampon (as you do).

Having caught him the lady demonstrates the product using guy's hand as a mock vagina, making the tampon magically disappear at the end. All the male pool attendees are impressed and the lady takes a nice refreshing swim. Eh, WHAT!?

There's just SO much WTF here I can't even decide if I'm even offended by it: That handsome Spanish man is a compulsive tampon thief, and must be stopped! All my tampons live in that little zippy compartment of my handbag - should I be just throwing them in last with gay abandon? Why is that one guy eating a leaf?


And I thought we had it bad in this country; with Tampax's 'Outsmart Mother Nature' campaign implying we can't do our (modeling) jobs while having periods; and Always telling us to 'Have a Happy Period'.

In fact, the way feminine hygiene products are marketed really grinds my gears! Why can't there be ads like this?

So what do you think of this Spanish effort? And do tampon ads wind anyone else up or am I overreacting here?

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