Watch: The most awkward end to Come Dine With Me yet

We've all wiled away many an afternoon or evening watching Come Dine With Me at this stage, it has ran for 37 series' after all. However we think it is only now the show has found its sorest loser yet, as you may have seen from this clip doing the rounds at the moment on the internet.

While we can't show you the full episode in all its glory, all you really need to see is the pain-stakingly awkward final moments where the host of the episode Peter discovers that not only did he not win the prize money, but he came last.

And he did not take it well. Like, at all.

Watch below;


The rest of them didn't seem to take it too bad though and left the house to drink their bubbles on the street after, fair play to them.

You can watch the full episode here.


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