Which Nation Uses Their Phones More Than Any Other in Europe?


Recent figures released by Statcounter, a web-tracking analysis company, have shown that Irish people spend more times on their smartphones than any other country in the Americas, or Europe.

The company accounts the numbers to the fact that we get sucked into spending large amounts of time on social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

We're now spending double the time gazing at our phone screen than we were just 18 months ago, which has left us a third higher than the European average, 25% higher than the UK, and 10% more than in the U.S.


Surprisingly, Ireland is still behind some countries in Asia and Africa in terms of time spent using smartphones. Research shows that internet users in those countries often have less access to laptops and tablets, which increases their reliability on their phones for internet access.

If only there was a way to bring down these numbers, and our dependency on our smartphones to entertain us. Like, if there was an object made of paper, full of words that told a story, we could read that instead of our Twitter feed.

Or maybe if we could move out mouths and words came out, we could interact with each other in person, instead of through a sequence of time-limited photos. Maybe someday, but till then, back to Instagram.

Via Irish Independent 

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