Are You a Shopping Enabler?


Hahahah ha haha!  Ha! Shopping!

Ok, so you could say that itself is a whole load of purchasing encouragement in digital form, but are you yourself a shopping enabler?

Let me explain: do you, when in conversation with a friend, sister or mother trot out the L'Oreal defense and say "ah go on, sure aren't you worth it?"

I do. I do it aaaaall the time. I'm a divil for it. "Yeah!," I'll enthuse during a discussion about a fashion item under discussion, as someone's boyfriend/husband glares balefully at me, "go on! Have a treat! Don't you work really hard and hey, you have to be kind to yourself."


In principle I agree with this sentiment - you actually do need rewards for working hard and you can't spend it all on boring shit like bills without starting to feel a bit hard done-by after a while.

I could probably lay off with encouraging people to spend €250 on shoes so I can live vicariously (and broke-ly) through them, though. Cos actually, it often doesn't matter what you spend when you go shopping - it's all about the endorphin rush, isn't it? In future, I'll be directing all and sundry to a Catrice stand, I think.

What about you? Do you enable and normalise the purchasing foibles of others or are you far less flaulach with their cash than I am?

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