Super Blood Moon - Some Pics of Last Night's Total Lunar Eclipse

Every Time I hear that phrase there's an urge to scarf an entire packet of Jaffa Cakes while dancing to Total Eclipse of The Heart. Just me?

Unsurprisingly there were a load of star gazers checking out last night's 'Super Blood Moon' at around 2:30am, and thankfully they posted their findings on Twitter so anyone in the land of nod doesn't feel like they've missed out on the extremely rare event. Much.

Don't worry, the next one is due in 2033, so there's plenty of time to set your alarm clocks.


Naturally NASA came across with the best one...

And the conspiracy theorists were still out in force...


Did you set the alarm to star gaze with your very own peepers, or are you happy enough to just see the pics?

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