Facebook Adding Animated Emojis for Irish Users TODAY

Yep, Ireland are getting to use Facebook's highly anticipated ANGRY FACE emoji first. We do like a good moan in the morning, and their research must have reflected that. Anyone who moans about the generalisation to that previous sentence is just perpetuating the point, so feel free!

According to jantakareporter.com: "Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the popular social networking site would launch a set of new reactions, or emojis... The six new emoji depict various expressions, from an open mouth to express surprise to a scowling red face for anger. The other four emotions represent love, laughter, sadness and a supportive cheer."

Meet the new Reactions.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, October 8, 2015

The publication adds that Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s news feed's manager, "said the company would evaluate how people in those two countries use the new buttons and refine them, before expanding the rollout to the company’s 1.5 billion users worldwide later this year."


While we'd like to say we'd be using the "supportive cheer" reaction the most, the "angry" one depicts such an array of emotions - veering from shock, rage, then disappointment, that it really resonates with us personally. Hi mam! *waves*

Reaction to the new emojis is currently ranging from "Moral of the story: I believe we also need a dislike button, although these new features are awesome" to "I absolutely love that you are not giving in to the "dislike" button."

Seemingly we'll be able to locate our six new emojis beside yer like button, so go kerayzee! Assuming you still use Facebook that is? Do you still use Facebook on a regular basis, or just drop in and out?

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